Supporting the Bombeiros

I’m a great believer in contributing as much as possible to the community in which you live in whatever way you can. Whenever possible we support local shops and markets rather than the large supermarkets and buy Portuguese made products if

One of the most important ways¬†we can contribute¬†is by supporting our local Bombeiros. Continue reading “Supporting the Bombeiros”

Becoming More Local in Tavira

For those of you reading my posts under the Category ‘Buying and Renovating a Home in Tavira’ you will have learned that since March 2016 I have been spending approximately two weeks every month in Tavira.locals I have my Non Habitual Resident status now and I have a small rented apartment in the middle of town until we complete the renovation on our own property. I certainly feel at home there and have been fascinated watching the way the town changes it’s personality at different times of the year. Continue reading “Becoming More Local in Tavira”

Why did we come to Portugal?

We moved from our home in Asia in April 2014. My father had been diagnosed with cancer and with no siblings it was important for me to be there and support both my parents as he started the heavy treatment of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. My husband had ‘commuted’ back to his job in Norway for the four years we’d lived in first Singapore and then Malaysia whilst I was working there. We were bringing our two Golden Retrievers we rescued in Singapore to Europe with us so it was better for my husband to move back to Norway with the dogs and where his work was whilst I stayed with my parents in England. Continue reading “Why did we come to Portugal?”