Owning A Place But Not Local

As we discussed the cycle of potential problems owning a property in Portugal as an absent owner we reflected on when we have owned places overseas which we also ran as holiday lets. We immediately remembered how important having a good Property Management company is – and how stressful and troublesome it can be with a bad one…..

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Being Your Eyes, Ears and Mouth

I’m sorry dear reader. (That is if anyone is really out there reading this. I feel my thoughts and rantings are going out into the Ethernet never to be read by anyone so please make a comment if there is anyone out there please?).

Anyway, back to my apology. I missed a stage. Before we thought about furnishings we discussed watching over property renovations and projects for clients. Many used places people buy in Portugal don’t meet their expectations as far as style, design or functionality is concerned.

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Furniture and Beyond

Whilst still pursuing our own goal to find and secure a property for ourselves we continued to talk about what Living in Algarve as a business would look like.


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Let the hobby become a business!

The idea of starting a business that evolved around property started initially when we first began looking at the Algarve as a place to invest. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my training and development work for over thirty years property development has always been my hobby and my passion. Perhaps now being a ‘still young 60 years old’ was the time to start a new career and spend my days doing what I enjoy best?before after 4 Continue reading “Let the hobby become a business!”

The Birth of a Business

So if you’ve already read some of my posts you may have started to understand that I am someone with a lot of determination, energy and a sense of adventure! I’m also hard working and need to work to preserve my sanity!

I have always been passionate about excellent customer service, delivering service beyond expectations and giving added value.

Based on my strong belief that everyone should find a job they love I have decided to combine my previous skills, beliefs and work experiences with my passion for property. The knowledge I have gained to date together with my ever expanding network of professionals enabled me to create Living in Algarve as a Property Sourcing and Management company in July 2016.

You can find out more about what I do by looking at the website or our Facebook page