Supporting the Bombeiros

I’m a great believer in contributing as much as possible to the community in which you live in whatever way you can. Whenever possible we support local shops and markets rather than the large supermarkets and buy Portuguese made products if

One of the most important ways we can contribute is by supporting our local Bombeiros. Continue reading “Supporting the Bombeiros”

Becoming More Local in Tavira

For those of you reading my posts under the Category ‘Buying and Renovating a Home in Tavira’ you will have learned that since March 2016 I have been spending approximately two weeks every month in Tavira.locals I have my Non Habitual Resident status now and I have a small rented apartment in the middle of town until we complete the renovation on our own property. I certainly feel at home there and have been fascinated watching the way the town changes it’s personality at different times of the year. Continue reading “Becoming More Local in Tavira”

Closed for August

After our working holiday in Tavira in July I did my monthly visit to my mother in England and then returned to Norway. My birthday came and went but we didn’t hear from the Camara about our planning permission. closedOur architect contacted them and they told her a decision had been reached but they were waiting for the letter to be signed. She also told me the quotes from the builders had been delayed because they were unable to contact the suppliers – Portugal closes in August. Continue reading “Closed for August”

Mixing Business With Pleasure

July 2016

With a lot of time on our hands whilst the architect prepared the plans for the submission to the Camara we could relax and enjoy the East Algarve for a few

We also spent time choosing materials for the Quantity Survey with the architect which was great fun and meeting with builders to see what other projects they had completed. We also made a life changing decision. Continue reading “Mixing Business With Pleasure”

Fifth Time Lucky?

June 2016

Back in Tavira and we reflected on how close we had been to buying four different properties in Portimão, Ilha da Armona, Tavira and Santa Luzia respectfully. However no regrets. Better to take a longer time and get it right. So, very  happy to be back in Tavira for business and pleasure we started to visit all the agents again to see if anything new was available.tavira beach

During the summer months there are fewer properties on the market as many vendors understand it’s not the peak time to sell or they prefer to wait until their holiday rental business starts to decline in October.

Continue reading “Fifth Time Lucky?”

Checking, Checking and Double Checking

May 2016

For the past three weeks whilst away from Portugal the agent had been making big promises but not taking any real action. Nor had he managed to answer most of my questions. Now I was back in Tavira for ten days and I was eager to get things moving.negotiation

Through persistence I managed to get the answers to my most important questions and was confident enough with the answers to start negotiating on the price.

I mentioned briefly before about there being no accurate measure or official body declaring what a property should be sold for. The price is set by the seller and even if the price is too high if he or she can get an agent to market the property at an inflated price that is the asking price. Continue reading “Checking, Checking and Double Checking”

Santa Luzia

April 2016

I had looked very hard to see if there were any other suitable properties available in Tavira last month. Unfortunately not. placaHowever here I was again, being taken around properties by various estate agents, professionally and unprofessionally, to find something else. Unfortunately the agent who I had been dealing with on the Tavira house had nothing available that was suitable or within our price range. If I didn’t mention it before she and her colleagues are fantastic. Helpful, good listeners, efficient and professional. Unlike many we find all around the world. These agents deserve to sell properties! Continue reading “Santa Luzia”

Back To The Start – Again!

April 2016

Well finding a house that we both really liked, being able to imagine how it couldtavira 2 be transformed and in a fantastic location was obviously too good to be true. During the three weeks I’d been away from Portugal our architect had been to the meeting with the Camara to discuss our planning ideas and they hadn’t agreed on our improvements. Not only that but another problem had arisen.

Continue reading “Back To The Start – Again!”

Tavira – March 2016

March 2016

I returned to Tavira with a planned stay of two weeks with the main objective of exploring more about the house we had seen in February. I also wsardinesanted to see what other properties were on the market in case this house didn’t make the grade.

Tavira still lived up to our first impressions. Everyone was so friendly and there was a warm atmosphere everywhere generated by the locals. Even though I’m used to travelling alone in different countries with my previous work I felt exceptionally comfortable exploring and eating out alone in the many good restaurants. Continue reading “Tavira – March 2016”

Owning A Place But Not Local

As we discussed the cycle of potential problems owning a property in Portugal as an absent owner we reflected on when we have owned places overseas which we also ran as holiday lets. We immediately remembered how important having a good Property Management company is – and how stressful and troublesome it can be with a bad one…..

A 40 something man, in a rage during an argument

Continue reading “Owning A Place But Not Local”

Being Your Eyes, Ears and Mouth

I’m sorry dear reader. (That is if anyone is really out there reading this. I feel my thoughts and rantings are going out into the Ethernet never to be read by anyone so please make a comment if there is anyone out there please?).

Anyway, back to my apology. I missed a stage. Before we thought about furnishings we discussed watching over property renovations and projects for clients. Many used places people buy in Portugal don’t meet their expectations as far as style, design or functionality is concerned.

before after 5

Continue reading “Being Your Eyes, Ears and Mouth”

Furniture and Beyond

Whilst still pursuing our own goal to find and secure a property for ourselves we continued to talk about what Living in Algarve as a business would look like.


As we talked we thought about what else could be challenging for our clients after they had purchased a property, especially if they had minimal time and lived outside of Portugal. Continue reading “Furniture and Beyond”

Let the hobby become a business!

The idea of starting a business that evolved around property started initially when we first began looking at the Algarve as a place to invest. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my training and development work for over thirty years property development has always been my hobby and my passion. Perhaps now being a ‘still young 60 years old’ was the time to start a new career and spend my days doing what I enjoy best?before after 4 Continue reading “Let the hobby become a business!”

Ilha da Armona

February 2016

As our plan to buy in Portimão had been disbanded I decided to move further east. I found a very nice apartment in Olhão and, as we were back to square one, my husband decided to come down and join me for a few days. Before he arrived I went bacarmonak to Ilha da Armona to see the house we’d liked last November which was still on the market. I knew my husband had reservations about buying on the island as I explained in a previous post but I had fallen in love with the place! Continue reading “Ilha da Armona”

The Birth of a Business

So if you’ve already read some of my posts you may have started to understand that I am someone with a lot of determination, energy and a sense of adventure! I’m also hard working and need to work to preserve my sanity!

I have always been passionate about excellent customer service, delivering service beyond expectations and giving added value.

Based on my strong belief that everyone should find a job they love I have decided to combine my previous skills, beliefs and work experiences with my passion for property. The knowledge I have gained to date together with my ever expanding network of professionals enabled me to create Living in Algarve as a Property Sourcing and Management company in July 2016.

You can find out more about what I do by looking at the website or our Facebook page

Where is the right place to buy?

November 2015.

Our first trip to Portugal. My research had looked at Porto, Lisbon, the Silver Coast and the Algarve as prospective places to buy. All of these places had looked great but the Algarve met some other criteria. algarvemapThe climate was more favourable and our plans at that time centred around being in a popular family holiday destination. My cousin and her husband asked if they could join us on our first trip. They are lovely people and like us love looking at properties so it was an easy ‘yes’. Their neutral input would be invaluable. In our naivety we had thought we would not only find the right place to buy but also the right property in a week! Continue reading “Where is the right place to buy?”

Why did we come to Portugal?

We moved from our home in Asia in April 2014. My father had been diagnosed with cancer and with no siblings it was important for me to be there and support both my parents as he started the heavy treatment of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. My husband had ‘commuted’ back to his job in Norway for the four years we’d lived in first Singapore and then Malaysia whilst I was working there. We were bringing our two Golden Retrievers we rescued in Singapore to Europe with us so it was better for my husband to move back to Norway with the dogs and where his work was whilst I stayed with my parents in England. Continue reading “Why did we come to Portugal?”

Hello world!

So now I have a blog! For the first time in my life – but that’s a lie. I started a blog about a week ago under a different format but have now decided to transfer all my posts to create it on WordPress. A lot of work. If you’re observant you will see a lot of posts carry the same date.

I’ve really no idea if anyone will be interested in what I have to say – maybe my mother will read it back in England? Please comment or leave feedback to encourage or improve my posts. Tell me what you want to hear about or what interests you. I’ll try my best to share what I think may be of interest. And if you live in or visit Tavira we can always grab a cup of coffee….