Mixing Business With Pleasure

July 2016

With a lot of time on our hands whilst the architect prepared the plans for the submission to the Camara we could relax and enjoy the East Algarve for a few weeks.restaurant

We also spent time choosing materials for the Quantity Survey with the architect which was great fun and meeting with builders to see what other projects they had completed. We also made a life changing decision.

As you will know from my other posts our primary plan had always been to buy, renovate, sell and buy again. My husband would continue living in Norway with the dogs but I would spend at least a couple of weeks a month in Portugal overseeing any renovation work or buying and selling. The happy weeks we spent in the East Algarve led to discussions with my husband about whether this was a sensible living arrangement. The conclusion we came to was we wanted to make Tavira our primary home and that meant having somewhere permanent to live there and flying the dogs down. Our philosophy has always been ‘home is where the dogs are’.Heidi underwater When we lived in Asia for four years it was our primary home and whilst I worked there my husband commuted every few weeks back to Norway. We could have the same arrangement in Portugal.

If we obtained planning permission on this house in Tavira we would make it our home. On the back of this decision I applied for my Non Habitual Resident status using an excellent adviser in Tavira and the Living in Algarve business was born.

Unfortunately there were some delays at the architect’s office and the submission of our plans to the Camara didn’t happen until 15th July but with their rule of giving an answer within 20 days we were confident that we would hear the result by 12th August, my birthday.

Author: Denise

My name is Denise. Having spent over 30 years in an international career in Organisational & People Development I am now putting down roots in Tavira in the East Algarve, Portugal. I'm a female Brit, married to a Norwegian, and I find it hard to believe I'm in my early 60's when I don't feel it and have so many more things to do and achieve. I became an expat when I left the UK in 2001. Since then I've lived in Norway, Singapore, Malaysia and now Portugal. I love to travel, enjoy the company of good friends and cooking. But my life time passion is property. As the daughter of a builder I love imagining what any old or dated property can become and managing the transformation process. I'm lucky to have had the opportunity to do this many times and am excited to be doing it again in Tavira as well as helping others realise their own dreams.

2 thoughts on “Mixing Business With Pleasure”

  1. Hi Denise

    Your blog is very informative and I look forward to hearing further news of your purchase and renovation!
    I also suspect that your traffic will pick up dramatically now that it has been featured on Expat Blogs

    1. Hi Karen,

      Thanks for your feedback and taking the time to contact me. I hope you will continue to enjoy. My intention is to bring it up to the current day in the timeline today. All the best. Denise

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