Santa Luzia

April 2016

I had looked very hard to see if there were any other suitable properties available in Tavira last month. Unfortunately not. placaHowever here I was again, being taken around properties by various estate agents, professionally and unprofessionally, to find something else. Unfortunately the agent who I had been dealing with on the Tavira house had nothing available that was suitable or within our price range. If I didn’t mention it before she and her colleagues are fantastic. Helpful, good listeners, efficient and professional. Unlike many we find all around the world. These agents deserve to sell properties!

And then, an agent I had no rapport with, asked if I’d looked at Santa Luzia. We had been so focused on finding something inside Tavira town that I hadn’t. I agreed to go look at some properties with him. All bar one were totally unsuitable but there was one with potential.

Santa Luzia is a quiet and picturesque fishing village renowned for its octopus catches.  It’s about 4 km from Tavira town with a couple of popular beaches and some nice restaurants. My only reservation with Santa Luzia is how quiet it probably becomes during the winter months.

santa luzia

Over three floors, the ground floor had a self contained apartment whilst the first floor contained living and bedrooms, but on the second floor was a couple of rooms with a very large terrace with incredible river views. This property certainly had potential. It had been a very small old house on one floor with the extra first and second floors added in the 80’s and 90’s. Although habitable it was extremely dated and needed a fair amount of work to transform it. It also met our goal to buy, renovate and sell then buy another. Potentially we could sell two floors as a duplex apartment, extend the ground floor apartment to give two bedrooms and retain it as a holiday let.

Again it was an inherited property and the multiple inheriting owners lived near Lisbon. Based on our now quite expanded experience of what might go wrong we listed our questions for the agent to get answers from the owners and met with a builder to get a rough estimate on what our renovations would cost.

Time to leave again with a return trip planned for May…..

Author: Denise

My name is Denise. Having spent over 30 years in an international career in Organisational & People Development I am now putting down roots in Tavira in the East Algarve, Portugal. I'm a female Brit, married to a Norwegian, and I find it hard to believe I'm in my early 60's when I don't feel it and have so many more things to do and achieve. I became an expat when I left the UK in 2001. Since then I've lived in Norway, Singapore, Malaysia and now Portugal. I love to travel, enjoy the company of good friends and cooking. But my life time passion is property. As the daughter of a builder I love imagining what any old or dated property can become and managing the transformation process. I'm lucky to have had the opportunity to do this many times and am excited to be doing it again in Tavira as well as helping others realise their own dreams.

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