Being Your Eyes, Ears and Mouth

I’m sorry dear reader. (That is if anyone is really out there reading this. I feel my thoughts and rantings are going out into the Ethernet never to be read by anyone so please make a comment if there is anyone out there please?).

Anyway, back to my apology. I missed a stage. Before we thought about furnishings we discussed watching over property renovations and projects for clients. Many used places people buy in Portugal don’t meet their expectations as far as style, design or functionality is concerned.

before after 5

Be it a total renovation, a new kitchen, a new bathroom or just fresh paint finding the appropriate trade person for the right price and making sure they do the work you want to the right standard and on time can be a big challenge in any country even when you are living there. Put into the equation that the purchaser might live overseas and it can be an expensive disaster.

before after 1

So the Project Management service was born. We can be the eyes and ears of our clients and their mouth too. Using our network of workers or overseeing their own workers to ensure things are done right first time.

Author: Denise

My name is Denise. Having spent over 30 years in an international career in Organisational & People Development I am now putting down roots in Tavira in the East Algarve, Portugal. I'm a female Brit, married to a Norwegian, and I find it hard to believe I'm in my early 60's when I don't feel it and have so many more things to do and achieve. I became an expat when I left the UK in 2001. Since then I've lived in Norway, Singapore, Malaysia and now Portugal. I love to travel, enjoy the company of good friends and cooking. But my life time passion is property. As the daughter of a builder I love imagining what any old or dated property can become and managing the transformation process. I'm lucky to have had the opportunity to do this many times and am excited to be doing it again in Tavira as well as helping others realise their own dreams.

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